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Aug 22

KAMA SUTRA For Each Zodiac Sign!
How To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Signs Being Drunk
If Each Zodiac Sign Was a Drug

Haha I knew virgo was on here before I read it all. #virginforlife
Aug 22


I really thought you were turning back into the person I fell in love with. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I’m more ready for love then I’ve ever been. So it’s your lose then. Not mine. Not my children’s.

Aug 18

From LIA /Lovely Interior Advice

Oh my god Becky
Aug 18

I thought all these feelings were gone but at 26 years young still sometimes I can’t handle life.

I’ve been worried I’ve gone numb to emotions but now I’m crying and worrying because my whole life my parents made me believe it wasn’t okay to cry. I say Mother Earth cries and the grass turns green and the creatures quench their thirst. So cry if you need to. Water the plants. Carry on.

P.s. I don’t actually literally say that. Or didn’t, I guess now I have.

Aug 18



#if a cat and a dog got married this is what they would look like

that is actually a perfect description
Aug 16

By NWY69 on Flickr.
Aug 16

(via Green Juice Sorbet | One Green Planet)
Aug 16

Teen quotes
Aug 08

Random ramblings on finances

Need to start paying my students loans back. I want to go back to school though. Idk where an associates or bachelors will take me but I’ve come this far. I think I figured if all my credits transfer from both argosy and Carnegie then I am only 16 creds from a bachelors and if none of my Carnegie credits transfer then in still only like 16 fri an associates. I’m going to finish my liberal arts degree associates or bachelors. I’m doing it online again. Excelsior is the name of the college. They accept a lot of transfer credits and they have a lot of liberal arts options. Arts, science or humanities. Plus you can get even more specific then that. I’m not totally decided. I think my massage credits would best transfer to humanities and my a anatomy and pathology credits would best transfer to the science one. I started it in arts but those classes are more fun in person I think. My goal is to finish in a year. That will be my 10 years since I graduated highschool. So a degree and massage license plus two beautiful kids are a lot of accomplishments. Especially given how I was in high school. I’ve come a long way and I’m not stopping. I still would like to be married one day and to own a house plus find another career or two. Alternative medicine, animal care, and some form of art. Maybe I’ll just make some hobbies and become an entrepreneur. :) I definitely am going to get into making stained glass pieces again and sell them. Plus I’m starting an apartment garden! And I also want to make things using essential oils like bug repellant and such. So many ideas! :)

Aug 07

Happily ever after; ready, set, go!